Alkaline Water System Installation


Upgrade your reverse osmosis system with our state-of-the-art Alkaline Water System. You’ll get the best of both worlds with all the positives of reverse osmosis, while also receiving the many benefits of alkaline water.

This water system uses Quick Connect filters that attach easily to your RO system, making for convenient installation at an affordable price.

Our systems come with:


Store-bought alkaline water is expensive ($2 – $4 a gallon!), and all those plastic bottles add unnecessary pollution and microplastics into our water supply. Reduce your carbon footprint and your expenses by installing PBJ’s Alkaline Water System throughout your home or business.

Our system replaces natural antioxidants and important minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron, which are lost during reverse osmosis. Remineralization transforms sterile-tasting water into a crisp, deeply refreshing beverage, with all the health benefits and flavor you’d get from an uncontaminated artesian natural spring.

Alkaline water is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people learn about the health benefits it can provide. Various scientific studies have shown drinking it can lead to:

We recommend our clients use this system for all their water needs. Whether for drinking or cooking, your body deserves the best water available.

Our filters can be fitted to any existing commercial or residential RO system, and connected directly to your fridge and ice maker for no extra cost upon installation. We use Quick Connect in/out components for easy no-fuss service and maintenance.

The science

PBJ’s alkaline water system attaches to reverse osmosis systems, to replace essential nutrients stripped away during the RO process. Higher mineral content neutralizes water acidity by raising the pH to optimum alkaline levels, as well as improving taste and offering several health benefits.

The alternatives

Traditional reverse osmosis uses a 5-stage filtration process to eliminate a wide array of harmful contaminants such as lead, mercury, cadmium, PFOS, and many other toxins from our drinking water.

The drawback of this is that RO also removes many beneficial minerals and trace elements. This results in stale water that lacks essential minerals and nutrients which our bodies need to feel great.

Why call PBJ?

Our clients don’t want just any old water system; they want the best system available for the cleanest tasting pure water possible. PBJ Alkaline Water Systems are made of professional grade, NSF-approved materials, and suitable for residential and commercial use alike.

Homeowners shouldn’t have to mess about with a pressurized water system. Leave it to our trained technicians. We’ll have crystal clear on-demand alkaline water running through your pipes in no time.


We recommend changing filters approximately every 6 months with commercial use, and once a year with residential use. PBJ will be able to give a more accurate estimate upon seeing your RO system and average water needs.

Alkaline water is associated with improved bone health, better exercise performance, reduced acid reflux, and lower blood viscosity.

While reverse osmosis is incredible at removing up to 99% of toxins, including lead, mercury, chromium, asbestos, and a whole host of other contaminants, it also makes water more acidic and strips it of healthy antioxidants and minerals.  Alkaline filters replenish those minerals and raise the pH to ideal levels.

Alkaline water is healthiest between a pH of 8 and 9. For comparison, neutral water has a pH of 7, while reverse osmosis water is more acidic, somewhere around a pH of 6.

While there are no known health risks to drinking alkaline water, we always suggest speaking with your doctor regarding specific health concerns.